Harbaria is one of the most attractive and dangerous places of Sundarban. It is located beside the river Poshur under Chadpai range of Sundarban Forest Department. It is about 4-5 hours state journey by river cruise from Khulna to Harbaria.

Harbaria is a home of The Great Royal Bengal Tigers. Tigers are seen very rarely over here; but, the foot prints of tigers in the jangle will prove their availability. It is also a place of many other wild animals, birds and insects. Dotted deer are the main attraction of Harbaria. Entire area is covered with Sundari and Golpata including other mangrove trees. A long wooden pathway will help everyone to visit in deep mangrove forest. It is restricted to visit inside the Sundarban without any arms force and that starts from Harbaria. Arms forces are required to ensure security from tigers and other wild animals. There is a watch tower in Harbaria, which is best to get a bird’s eye view of natural beauty of entire forest point.