Hiron Point

Hiron Point is also known as Nilkomol; is situated under Khulna range of Sundarban Forest Department. It is about 7-8 hours state journey by river cruise from Khulna to Hiron Point. UNESCO declared three wildlife Sanctuaries (Sundarban east, south and west) in the Sundarban as 522nd World Heritage Site in 1997 and the plaque of world heritage site is located here. It is also called the World Heritage State, located beside rive Kunga.

Hiron Point attractions all tourists for its natural beauty and world famous Dotted Deer. During the visit, there is a possibility of watching dangerous The Great Royal Bengal. Even if they are not seen, their foot prints on muddy lands will prove that they are around! Hiron Point is also famous for wild pigs, monkeys, crocodiles and different rear species of birds. It is very frequent in the place to see spot deer are gazing. Simply, Hiron Point is an ideal spot for wildlife as well as nature lovers, research & photography teams.