Karmajal is the most nearest and wonderful tour site of Sundarban; situated under Chadpai range of Sundarban Forest Department. It is about 3-4 hours state journey by river cruise from Khulna to Karmajal.

Karmajal is the most nearest forest point from the way of Khulna, Mongla port and the best way to start Sundarban tour from here. The Crocodile & Deer Breeding Center is the main attraction of Karamjal. Apart it is a place of pin-drop silence of wildlife including birds, snakes, deer, wild pigs.

Karamjal is surrounded by number of county villages. The livelihoods and cultural activities of local community are really incredible. It is important to mention that Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited is implementing “Sundarban Conservation & Poverty Reduction through Community based Eco-tourism” programme in those villages (Herbaria, Laodove, Baniashanta and Koilashgang) and working to create alternative livelihood scopes for the villagers to protect them from Sundarban resource collections.