Simply, Kotka is the most beautiful and popular site of Sundarban. It is truly magnificent! Situated under Sharonkhola range of Sundarban Forest Department. It is about 11-12 hours state journey by river cruise from Khulna to Kotka.

A tour in Sundarban without a visit in Kotka will be an incomplete tour in Sundarban. Kotka is mainly famous for its long sea beach, named as Jamtala sea beach; from where it is possible to observe the beauty of sunrise & sunset from the heart of Bay of Bangle. It is a great feeling of standing at front of Bay of Bengal, where the largest mangrove forest of the world will stand is behind. The beach will create an opportunity to take both sun & sea bath including gaming.

Kotka is a territory of The Great Royal Bengal Tigers. So, that it is known as Tiger Point. It is also a kingdom of rare majestic wild animals; like King Cobra, Python, Dotted Deer, Monkey, Wild Pig, Dolphin and different rear species of birds. An experience of a morning or evening walk in the forest alley ways and the cannel cruising is really thrilling here. Here, it is possible to hear the music of nature mixed with the wild fowls in the mornings and evenings.

Local fishermen like this place very much for catching sea fishes. So, it’s a big opportunity to watch fishing the techniques of fishermen, which are really pleasant to see. There is a watch tower in the forest. A bird’s eye view of the forest & sea from the tower is a matter of great excitement of Sundarban tour. Besides, the experience of watching the beauty of full moon at night in the deep forest like Kotka is really magical. In addition, a barbeque dinner on the river cruise will give a complete satisfaction of Sundaban tour.