M. B. Badaban – Homely Peace


M. B. Badaban was launched during April, 2005; designed by Khulna Shipyard Ltd. It’s a complete fiber boat, structured with wood and metal. The structure of the boat is a specialty to make sure more secure travel in sea waves. It’s a simple non AC boat with all general facilities, which was built very carefully to operate commercial tours in Sundarban. The boat is suitable and convenient for small group of professionals, research team, photographers, documentary developers and study tour in Sundarban. It is perfect to accommodate a group of 8-9 people comfortably. Besides, the environment in the boat and its available facilities will give a homely feeling during the travel. It has few single and couple bedded cabins which have sky view facility including living area, dinning space and common western toilet.

M. B. Badaban has experienced captain to operate the boat. Its crews and guides are well trained as well to make every trip safe, enjoyable, memorable, relaxing and resourceful all about Sundarban. Besides, its experienced cook and his assistants are impressive to prepare and serve all traditional Bangladeshi foods including English and oriental dishes for all kind of tourists. We tried to create a homely feeling in the boat by ensuring all general facilities.

Boat’s Specifications
Boat Size: 13m/3.5m, Depth: 1.8m; Engine: Mitsubishi Canter 125hp, Speed: 20-25km/h; Power Supply Capacity: Uninterrupted (using Generator); Water Supply Capacity: 2500lt freshwater.

Living Space Specifications
Lounge & Dining: 1 (common for all guests); Couple Bed Cabin: 4 for 8 people; Single Bed Cabin: 1 for 1 people; Western Toilet: 1 (common for all guests).