Our Sundarban Conservation Approaches

Cultural Drama Team Development & Deployment
An ultimate religious believe & ancient myths of Sundarban adjacent communities have made their culture different from any other part of Bangladesh, which attracts everyone. But, this culture is in its way to extinction due to several reasons. Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) believes the culture is a resource for them, which can change their lifestyle. To keep the culture alive as the symbol of Sundarban, we have developed different cultural drama teams providing training among local creative people and has built them as performers. The approach has also created an alternative livelihood scope through eco-tourism for them. The teams are displaying local folk songs & culture through dramas to the visitors, which really impress and educate the visitors about Sundarban. Through this activity the communities are being benefited in two ways. It is promoting the culture to the world and also helping financially.

Handcrafting Training & Self-employment
Women empowerment is an important unit of Sundarban Conservation & Poverty Reduction through Community based Eco-tourism. So, we’re providing necessary trainings on producing traditional handicrafts for local vulnerable women. In the meantime, RET has built a team of handicraft products production from three local unions, who are capable to produce nakshikantha, handbag, cushion cover, table mat, wall mat, glass coaster, bed cover, mobile phone cover, wallet, salwar-kamiz, baby frock, panjabi-pajama, shirt, pant, blouse and petticoat etc. we’re also providing all production materials among the team to create a sustainable basement for their livelihood. Their hand made products fascinate the visitors, which is also creating scopes to be employed themselves through selling the products to the visitors.

Eco-tour Guide Training & Employment
There is a big difference between mass-tourism and eco-tourism. Educating people about eco-tourism in every sector of tour operation is essential for the establishment of eco-tourism in Sundarban. As a concern organization, We’re educating local people and other tour operators on eco-tourism through different trainings. In the meantime We’ve built a group of young & skilled eco-tour guides providing required trainings and employment. As a result local youths have got the opportunity to take eco-tour guide as their profession.

Eco-village Development
Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) is committed to provide enjoyment of an authentic eco-tour to the visitors in every step of the tour which includes accommodation, food, entertainment and transportation. So, as the model of “Sundarban Conservation & Poverty Reduction through Community based Eco-tourism”, we’re working for the development of eco-villages, where a number of local huts have transformed to tourist friendly eco-huts. These huts will allow the visitors to stay over at night during the tour and help to know about the lifestyle of local villagers, their culture, livelihoods and food habits. It also gives the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Sundarban with a close view. Only a successful eco-village establishment can protect the Sundarban from mass tourism and from the effect of heavy construction in Sundarban, like five star hotels and resorts. The concept is also ensuring an alternative livelihood for eco-hut owners.

Youth Outreach Program
To mobilize the awareness on Sundarban conservation among mass people around Sundarban, we ensure the participation of students of local educational institutions. We’re organizing regular awareness events through different interschool competitions and activities among the students, like debate, art & drama competitions on the issue. As a result, students are being educated about the impact of Sundarban destruction and necessity of its conservation. This approach of Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) is encouraging the students working as volunteers for the conservation of Sundarban.

The Sundarban Carnival
The Sundarban Carnival is an unique invention of Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) to create awareness among mass communities around Sundarban and all Sundarban concerns, like tour operators, environmental specialist, forest department, local stakeholders and tourists. It’s a day long occasion on the issue of Sundaban conservation and for promoting Sundarban based eco-tourism. In the middle of every summer, RTE organizes the carnival through a colorful rally, local cultural programs, drama, traditional game shows and displaying homemade handicrafts with the participation of local villagers & people from overseas. The enjoyment and importance of Sundarban Carnival is creating a positive impact in village life and also giving a new dimension of Sundarban conservation approaches.

Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) is always committed to represent itself as the model of Sundarban conservation concern by the use of sustainable mechanism & eco-practices in Sundarban. RET is very much hopeful about its hardcore approach for saving the Sundarban, which will help the Sundarban dependent community to reserve their environment & social rights.