School Outreach Program (Debate Competition)

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School Outreach Program (Debate Competition)

School Outreach Program (Debate Competition)

The Debate Competition was organized by Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. on the topic of “Climate Change & Sundarban Conservation” among 1500 high school and 2400 primary school students of project implementation areas. More than 120 teachers of the schools were involved with the event as well to satisfy the event’s goal. The event was successfully organized by following significant number of evaluation meetings with the students of total 18 schools(12 PSC level and 6 SSC level schools). From 20th February to 18th March, 2014 total eighteen sub-events were organized in the school premises to identify the best debate teams for the final round.The awareness programs were very informative and resourceful to the students and the teachers. The concern people of Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. shared their knowledge and experiences on the topic among all participants so that they can be informed about the transformation process of climate change and destructive actions of human. As an impact of climate change and destructive actions of human, the Sundarban is gradually losing its ecological balance.“Protecting Sundarban and its biodiversity from natural disaster and human activities” was the main topic of the meeting. In those meetings it also described that the Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest of the world and only unique heritage for its beauty, biodiversity and natural resources. But, bearing the tag of world heritage by UNESCO, Sunderban is now fighting against human torture for its existence. Cruelty selfish mind of human on the forest, natural disaster, uncontrolled general tourism and unavailability of alternative livelihoods are the main causes of this situation. So, fighting against all those challenges it is essential educating people through awareness and initiating such activities which will most helpful for local community about the issue. In the meetings also briefed about the importance of promoting Eco-tourism, creating alternative livelihood scopes and the School Outreach Programme initiated by Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for conserving Sundarban and diversifies the mode of life of the local community.

Description of the Debate Competition
Total 6 schools took part in the initial stage of the competition. The schools were,
1. Koilashganj High School,
2. Bangabandhu High School,
3. Talukder Akhter Faruk High School,
4. Amtola Banishanta High School,
5. Burirdabur SESDP Model High School and
6. Laudov Badamtola High School.

Each school set a team of three members thorough an internal competition. About 10 to 15 students participated in those competitions.They debated on the same topic. The debating topic was“local community can play the key role for conservation of Sundarban”. After finalizing the teams, two teams of the same union fought against each other in the 1st round of the competition. The competition rounds were organized between,

1. Koilashganj High School VS Bangabandhu High School of Kolilashganj Union,
2. Talukder Akhter Faruk High School VS Amtola Banishanta High School of Banishanta Union
3. Buirdabur SESDP Model High School VS Laudov Badamtola High School of Laudov Union

Winner three schools were Koilashganj High School, Talukder Akhter Faruk High School and Laudov Badamtola High School and all of them were qualified for semifinal round from their respective unions. The teams debated on the same topic “local community can play the Key role for conservation of Sundarban”. In semifinal round the topic was “eco-friendly tourism management can play the key role for the conservation of Sunderban”. Three union representatives fought against each other in a round robin round league process in a competition. After winning the semifinal round Koilashganj High School and Laudov Badamtola High School go through the final of the competition.The final was held on 4th April, 2014 at Kolilashganj Shaymapada Govt. Primary School. Two teams debated on the topic of “local community can play the Key role for conservation of Sundarban”. Laudov Badamtola High School of Laudov union adjudged as the champion team and Koilashganj High School of Koilashganj as the runners-up team respectively. Brotideb Biswas of runners-up team judged the best debater in the competition. In the competition round including final seven debating round were held. Three strong judges panel formed with the school teachers for neutral judgment. They helped to make a successful competition among the teams to the end.

Judges Panel: In the judges panel was associated by three members. Different judge panels were associated for individual rounds. Such as,

Quarterfinal Round
1. Mr. Rajat Shuvro Gain (Headmaster of Laudov Banishanta Govt. Primary School)
2. Mr. Bankim Chandra Roy (Headmaster of Koilashganj Dakhshinpara Sunderban Govt. Primary School) and
3. Mr. Sukriti Biswas (Assistant teacher of Koilashganj Shayamapada Govt. Primary School)

Semifinal Round
1. Mr. Anil Krishna (Headmaster of Prankrishna Govt. Primary School)
2. Mr. Mukul Sardar (Assistant teacher of KhejuriaBinapani Govt. Primary School)
3. Mr. Tushar Kanti Sarkar (Assistant teacher of Koilashganj Shaymapada Govt. Primary School)

Final Round
1. Mr. Bibekananda Sarkar (Headmaster of Koilashaganj Shayamapada Govt. Primary School)
2. Mr. Moloy Kumar Roy (Headmaster of Amtola Banishanta Govt. Primary School) and
3. Mr. Debprasad Sardar (Assistant teacher of East Khejuria Govt. Primary School)

Debating Team’s Details: 18 students of 6 schools participated in the competition. 12 of them were female and 6 male.

Champion Team: Laudov Badamtola High School
1. Sathi Mondol-Class Nine
2. Nibedita Biswas-Class Eight
3. Joyotree Mondol-Class Nine.

Runners-up team: Koilashganj High School
1. Akash Mondol- Class Nine,
2. Sounak Roy -Class Seven and
3. Brotideb Biswas of Class Eight.

The four teams have 12 participants. They were Rexona Khatun, Rehena Khatun and Avijit Sardar of Talukder Akhter Faruk High School, Joynab Khatun, Tania Akter and Mamun Sheikh of Amtola Banishanta High School, Ritu Mondol, Tamalika Mondol and Prianka Mondol of Bangabandhu High School and Dipshikha Barkandaj, Hirok Gain and Laboni Akter of Burirdabur SESDP Model High School.

Expected Outcomes: The school based debate competition on the issue of Sundarban conservation has created an eco-friendly atmosphere in the locality. Community people and local government representatives have gathered knowledge about climate change issues, impacts and its consequences all over the world; especially in Sundarban. Successful implementation of Eco-tourism development strategies and the creation of alternative livelihoods will save the Sundarban from human torture. Now, the participants are concern about the importance and necessity of conserving Sundarban & its biodiversity. So, they will be able to organize campaign among the community about the conservation of Sundarbanas it is essential for their existence. Their intellectual realization and unique conception of conserving Sundarban will make them more resourceful in future both in financially and naturally. The program should open their eyes to think themselves about alternative livelihoods.