School Outreach Program (Poster Drawing Competition)

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School Outreach Program (Poster Drawing Competition)

School Outreach Program (Poster Drawing Competition)

Total 320 students from 12 primary schools were participated in the selection round of poster drawing competition on the topic of Sunderban and its biodiversity conservation at their school venues. Both girls and boys students were participated in the competition. They depicted Sunderban from their realistic view with enormous enthusiasm. The event was begun on 20th February and the preliminary selection process was completed on the 9th March 2014. Out of 320 students, 80 were selected for the final round of the competition. The final was held on 4th April, at Koilashgonj Shayamapada Govt. Primary School. 80 students from 12 primary schools were participated in the final extravaganza with a festive mood. Top three of all participants were adjudged as the award winners of the competition. 12 years old Palash Das of Koilashganj Shaymapada Govt. Primary School won the 1st prize and Munna Mistry of Dhangmary Biswanath Govt. Primary School and Sagor Hawlader of Amtola Banishanta Govt. Primary School won 2nd and 3rd prize respectively. Mr. Budhdhadev Mondolan artist of Fine Arts discipline of Khulna University and Debprasad Sardar, assistant teacher of East Khejuria Govt. Primary School were the judges of the competition.

Award Giving Ceremony: After the final frontier, an award giving ceremony was held at the same venue. The presence of Mr. Sunit Kumar Sarker (Social activist) as the chief guest made the program colorful. In that occasion,the presence of Mr. Tauhidur Rahman (Alumni & the Director of CODEC) and Mr. Shamim Ashraf Shelly (Staff Reporter of The Daily Probaha of Khulna) made the event more acceptable to all participants. Mr. M. Nazmul Azam David (Alumni & the Director of Rapuntar Eco-tourism Ltd.) was also present in the program as the host. All presented guest handed over the crests among the Champion, Runners-up teams and the best artist. All participants of the debate competition and top three of the drawing competition have received certificates from the project for their unique distinction.

In the speech of chairperson Mr. Sunit Kumar Sarker said, “Sundarban protects our life like a mother. It is our duty to save her”. He paid his special gratitude to Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for taking such an initiative to aware the school students about the conservation of Sundarban through debate and art competitions. He also expressed his hope that “these boys and girls will play an advance role to create social awareness for the conservation of Sundarban”.

Tauhidur Rahman said, “So far I know, the entrepreneurship have taken for the conservation of Sundarban through debate and art competitions will be most fruitful. The children have drawn their lives in Sunderban, nothing could explain better than that. He also showed his firm believes that“they really played their key role to conserve the Sundarban”.

Journalist Shamim Ashraf Shelly said in his speech, “the children have proved themselves that they able to contribute for the conservation of Sundarban and the will drive way our country in advance”.

M. Nazmul Azam David urged to the community to conserve the Sundarban at any cost in his welcome speech. He also said, “Except unity of all sects of life there is no alternative way to save Sundarban. If we can guide the tourists in a gentle manner and sale our products to them, we will able to earn and survive by the Sundarban”. He encouraged the children for their participation in the debate and art competitions and being concern & educated about Sundarban conservation.

Comments of the Community People
Sanat Kumar Biswas (Headmaster, Koilashganj Matrimandir Govt. Primary School)
“The activities will help to create positive impact on children’s mind about the conservation of Sundarban and its biodiversity”.

Swapna Mollik (Acting Headmaster, Dhangmari Biswanath Govt. Primary School)
“We never thought before about the protection of Sunderban in the manner of Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. We should respect their thought for our existence and future generation. So, we will try to conserve the Sundarban from our own interest”.

Tapan Kumar Paik (Headmaster, Banishanta Govt. Primary School)
“If we can create awareness among our beloved students, it will be possible to protect Sundarban in future”.

Sujit Kumar Mondol (Headmaster, Gora Dhangmari Forest Govt. Primary School)
“It is very much appreciated that Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. initiated such a programme which will save the Sundarban adjacent community and the Sundarban as well from all kind of ecological imbalance”.

Kanchan Kumar Sarker (Headmaster, Khjuria Binapani Govt. Primary School)
“I would like to thank Rupantar Eco-tourism for their remarkable approach of conserving Sundarban and wish a successful journey about the issue”.

Samiran Mondol (Headmaster, B K Barobak Govt. Primary School)
“This program will enhance the confidence of our our children and make them enthusiastic for the conservation of Sundarban”.

Prakash Chandra Sarker (Social worker)
“I am overwhelmed and want to express my joy for this kind of activities, which has initiated by Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. It should help for creating awareness among the community of Sundarban adjacent, about the conservation of Sunderban through the students”.

Anil Krishna (Headmaster, Prankrishna Govt. Primary School)
“Through the activities Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. created a hope for the community to lead a new life”.

Expected Outcomes: The school based poster drawing competition on the issue of Sundarban conservation have created an eco-friendly atmosphere in the locality. Community people and local government representatives have gathered knowledge about climate change issues, impacts and its consequences all over the world; especially in Sundarban. Successful implementation of Eco-tourism development strategies and the creation of alternative livelihoods will save the Sundarban from human torture. Now, the participants are concern about the importance and necessity of conserving Sundarban & its biodiversity. So, they will be able to organize campaign among the community about the conservation of Sundarbanas it is essential for their existence. Their intellectual realization and unique conception of conserving Sundarban will make them more resourceful in future both in financially and naturally.The program should open their eyes to think themselves about alternative livelihoods.