The Management team of Creative IT Ltd. toured in Sundarban with Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd.

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Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. successfully operated the first tour of M. B. Uday Tara on 22nd August. The tour was organized for the team of Creative IT Ltd. Dhaka. It was a 2 nights and 1 day tour in Sundarban; started from Khulna and traveled to Karamjal, Harbaria and finally in Koilashgang Cultural Village of Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. In the tour, we got present honorable CEO – Mr. Monir Hosen; MD – Mr. Utpol Kumar Sarkar; Head of Business Development – Meer Tanvir Hossain and their other team members. We’re really proud to serve such a professional and reputed organization of Information Technology in Bangladesh.