Three Days & Two Nights Tour with Badaban

Tour Plan: KhulnaKachikhaliKotkaHarbariaKhulna

Day One: The tour will start for Sundarban early in the morning from Khulna Forest Ghat and it will reach in Kachikhali tiger point by the evening. During the journey we will observe the beauty of riversides. In Kachikhali we will scatter for sometime, where we will go for a walk in forest alleyway and will observe the natural beauty of night in mangrove forest. After that we’ll halt for the night on the boat in Kachikhali.

Day Two: In early in the morning, we will go for a cruise ride in mangrove channels and a morning walk in the forest alleyway, which will give you real enjoyment of a different morning in the forest. Waking up of forest birds and other creatures in the foggy morning will give you a fascinating experience for the first time of your life. After the walk, we will come back to the cruise and will take breakfast. The boat will start for our next destination to Kotka tourist spot at the same time. About an hour journey later we will arrive in Kotka tourist spot around the Kotka sea beach and the wild forest. In Kotka tourist spot we will scatter to climb the watch tower to watch the forest beauty. From the watch tower we will have a vast view of Sundarban, which is the best location for photography in Sundarban. After that we’ll move for sea beach. In the sandy beach of Kotka we will play and take sunbath. End after lunch, we’ll enjoy the sides of the forest office, from where we will see free grazing of deer, crocodiles, birds and pigs etc. In the evening we will enjoy the sunset in sea, sitting on the cruise. Then we’ll have a barbecue dinner on cruise and will stay in Kotka for the night.

Day Three: We will start our return journey for Khulna at early in the morning from Kotka. If we can maintain proper timing during the way back then we may arrange a visit in any of the sites among Karamjal wildlife center / Harbaria mangrove trail / can attend traditional cultural pursuits of local cultural village in Koilashgang.

Package Includes: Three times meals (breakfast, launch and dinner) everyday including snacks at every evening; mineral water for drinking; service of cannel cruising; all TAX and charges of forest department; security armed guard of forest department and an accompanied experienced tour guide for full time.

Things Need to Carry: During winter Sundarban is more colder than Dhaka or other parts of Bangladesh. So, visitors must carry warm jackets / pullover to protect from cold during winter; snicker shoes for walking in forest alleyways; hat/cap for sun protection; sunburn lotion & insects spray; binoculars; cameras, toothpaste & tooth brush; towels; soap & shampoo; emergency medicines and flash light.

Price Plan

1 Person
40,000 BDT
Per Person @ 40,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included
2 Persons
30,000 BDT
Per Person @ 60,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included
3 Persons
66,000 BDT
Per Person @ 22,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included

4 Persons
72,000 BDT
Per Person @ 18,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included
5 Persons
75,000 BDT
Per Person @ 15,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included
6 Persons
72,000 BDT
Per Person @ 12,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included

7 Persons
70,000 BDT
Per Person @ 10,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included
8 Persons
72,000 BDT
Per Person @ 9,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included
9 Persons
81,000 BDT
Per Person @ 9,000 BDT
VAT & TAX Included

Payment Policies & Methods: To reserve a tour schedule, 50% payment of tour plan needs to be paid in advance through cash and over account pay at Standard Chartered, Khulna. Account name Nazmul Azam and number 24221650701. Remaining 50% will have to pay before 5 days of scheduled of date tour. Please note, only account or cash payment is acceptable; payment through credit card is not acceptable.

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