Training on Handicrafts Production to Create an Alternative Livelihood

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Training on Handicrafts Production to Create an Alternative Livelihood

Training on Handicrafts Production to Create an Alternative Livelihood

Goal of the Training
To strengthen the alternate livelihood options for the female artisans of Sundarban.

Objectives of the training
1. To organize a artisans’ camp on Sundarban to generate new needle-works based on firsthand exposure to the forest for the marginalized female groups living at the fringe areas of Sundarban;
2. To promote the products of the involved female artisans for economic empowerment through web-based and static exhibitions based on the artisan’s camps products.
3. To build market linkage and facilitative services for the female artisans of Sundarban.

Description of Training Programs
Three unions of Dakopupazila (sub-district) under Khulna district were selected for the training programs. Those are the project implementing areas of Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. The three unions are Banishanta, Laudov and Koilashganj. The training schedule was between 12th February, 2014 to 15th March, 2014. Each Training Program has continued for 20 working days. Total 49 vulnerable women have got their training from 3 unions. 40 of them were housewives and 9 were students. 15 each from Banishanta and Laudov and 19 from Koilashganj union completed their training course on handicrafts.After the completion of training courses every group made a team. Each team is now producing handicrafts products with the assistance of Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd.

Every training program started with an inaugural meeting organized by Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. The first training program started its operation at Banishanta union on 12th February 2014 at 10-00 AM. The second at Koilashganj on 12th February 2014 at 2-00 PM and the third at Laudov on 13th February 2014 at 10-00 AM started its operation. Coordinator of this projcet Mr. MuradHossain conducted all the training programs facilitated by Mr. Mustahidur Rahman with the cooperation of local government officials and community leaders as well.

Before the start of every training program Mr. Murad Hossain the coordinator of the project briefed to the trainees about the goal and objectives of the training and how it can be an alternative job for them to build up an exceptional career. Mr. Murad said in three briefing sessions that Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. vowed to create a group of handicraft artisans who will seek alternative jobs and to make it a career. Go to advance for its goal Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. initiated such a program that can be more helpful to enhance their source of income for their respective families. It will decrease the rate of income dependency on Sundarban. He said, this training program will make our women confident in their field. He called upon the trainees to show their dedication for the training program and make themselves skilled craftswomen.Tourists from local and abroad would be their valued customer. If they can produce quality products it will easy for marketing to the tourists. If one can well train up she will start a new career with confidence. He said, now a days climate changing issues are new challenge for us. We should overcome these problems. Due to climate change storm, cyclone increased very badly in the coastal belt. It affects the sundarban and its nearby villages. It destroys farmland, livestock and other income generating activities. So the indigenous people force to migrate from their own land. Losing their jobs they seek alternative jobs for survive. But numerous people fail to manage it. To save people from that vulnerable situation Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. thinks about that and initiates such a unique program. That will help them to seek alternative job.If you need we can arrange more training programs for your skill development. We want you to be a professional craftswoman and develop your life scale.He calls upon to the trainees to receive the training by heart and try to be a professional craftswoman.

Training Method: The training method was to make saleable handicraft goods which carrying local heritage for the visiting tourists. Hand stich, Boutiques and embroidery were the operational method of the course. All the trainees have got their training on products likeNakshikant, Hand bag, Cushion cover, Table mat, Glass coaster, Bed cover, Wall mat, Mobile cover, Wallet and outfit and inners like Salwar-Kamiz, Frock, Panjabi, Shirt, Pant, Blouse, Petticoat, pajama etc.

Course Schedule: The training course was scheduled on academic and practical sessions. Both sessions were ended within 20 days.

Training Materials: Sewing machine, fabric, yarn, scissors, frame, scale, measuring tape, tracing paper, pad and pen were used as training materials.

Comments of Trainees
Bithika Mondol: I have a dream to educate my two sons for their better life, but we have not enough income to fulfill our dream. This training program makes me happy. I believe it will helpful to my family.

Rina Mistry: This training program has given me more confidence to be a professional craftswoman.

Sraboni Sardar: This training program encouraged me to seek alternative job. I would like to take it professionally and want to increase my family income.

Tumpa Mondol: This training program made a change in my mind. Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. has done a good job. Thanks to them.

Basanti Sardar: My father is a day labor. I am a student. It is difficult to continue my study due to lack of money. This training program is very much satisfactory to me. The knowledge I gather from this course will help to add income in my family account.

Sulata Roy: I knew sewing works before receiving handicrafts training. Now I can make handicraft items with better confidence. Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. showed us a new path for saving life.

Rinku Mondol: I think Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. opens a new door for us. It will change our life.

Jharna Bir: We have to make us a self-made woman through start a business of handicrafts. We will try not to be much depend on Sundarban, we should seek alternative job for conservation of Sundarban.

Anjali Paik: Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd.’s dream to save Sundarban through eco-tourism and seek alternative jobs for us. We should respect their dream and make us self-dependent.

Ranjana Biswas: This training course makes me confident and I shall try to earn money from handicraft business. It will be decrease our dependency on Sundarban.

Dipali Sarkar: Thanks to Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to get training on handicraft course. I will try to be a professional.

Mili Sarkar: We want to live in style and save Sundarban. Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. showed us a dream to live in that style.

Comments of the trainers
SharmilaSarkar, Trainer, Banishanta Training Course: I am very much delighted to get the opportunity for train up the local women on handicrafts. It’s my pride to join as a part of Handicrafts Development Team led by Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. I have tried to aware the trainees about necessity of alternative jobs forconservation of Sundarban. Hope they will do their respective job for the sake of Sundarban.

Swarashwatibarkandaz, Trainer, Laudov Training Course: 15 trainees of this center tried heart and soul to gather knowledge on both academic and practical form. This would be another way of their life to live. Thanks to Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for initiated such program. Hoping that would be save their life and livelihood and Sundarban as well.

MobarakSardar, Trainer, Koilashganj Training Course: I have 40 years of experience in this field. 19 women have received training from here and they are now capable to doing this in their own. I thank to them for their nice feat. I salute to Rupantar Eco-tourism for their thought about conservation of Sundarban.

Comments of the Local Government Officials
Sarojit Kumar Roy, Chairman, Laudov Union Parishad: I congratulate Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. of their unique conception for conserving Sundarban. Sundarban is a pride of world heritage, but some miscreants are badly trying to destroy it. I think which program Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. has initiated it will undoubtedly play a special role to save sundarban. I believe implementation of the training program will lead them to think about alternative job and decrease income dependency on Sundarban. I hope the total success of Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for their noble thought.

Sudebkumar Roy, Chairman, Banishanta Union Parishad: It’s an amazing experience for me to see the trainees are well trained up in just 20 days. They are much aware of conserving Sundarban as well. Thanks to Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for their great achievement. I wish their enormous success in coming days.

Rabindranath Mondol, Member, ward no-4, Koilashganj Union Parishad: I specially congratulate and express my gratitude to Rupantar Eco-tourism Ltd. for arrange this training course for wellbeing of our community. If this will drive our women to the income generating activities that would be increase their family account. If we can enterprise this kind of project, dependency of Sundarban would be lessen.

Expected Outputs of the Training
An artisans camp organized for 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members dwelling at the fringe areas of Sundarban;
1. Pre departure training on orientation on the Artisans’ Camp and digital photography held
2. One day long exposure visit of 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members held
3. Photographs of the 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members printed for selecting and designing of needle-work
4. Drafting and designing assistance provided to 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members through guidance of two (2) experts
5. Home based 40 to 60 needle works completed by the 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members
6. A report on the experience of the project is prepared and shared with the grant maker and stakeholder groups.

Web-based and static exhibition held in Khulna based on 40 to 60 selected needle-works produced through the artisan camps held with the 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members.
1. Based on 40-60 selected needle-works produced through the artisan camps held with the 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members a web-based exhibition will be launched on the website of Rupantar Eco-Tourism.
2. Based on 40-60 selected needle-works produced through the artisan camps held with the 20 representatives of marginalized female-group-members a three-day long exhibition will be held in Khulna.
3. The revenue generated from the sale of the needle-works at the exhibition will be distributed among the involved artisans.

A marketing network of the needle-works produced by the female artisans living at the fringe areas of Sundarban established.
1. Two-photography expert and two-art experts are linked with the marginalized female groups to strengthened skills and capacity of female artisans living on the fringe areas of Sundarban.
2. A web-based and static marketing channel established to exhibit and sale the products of the marginalized female groups of artisans living on the fringe areas of Sundarban through a linkage with Rupantar Eco-Tourism.