Who We Are

Welcome to the official website of Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET)! Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) is not only a profit oriented tour operator to Sundarban, but also an organization deals Sundarban conservation; alternate livelihood creation for Sundarban adjacent community and their empowerment since its inception. Rupantar Eco-tourism Limited (RET) is the first Sundarban based eco-tour operator of Bangladesh, started journey from September 2006. Meanwhile, the organization has organized more than 300 tours in Sundarban for local and international visitors. Also served Bangladesh government,

Our Vision

  • Sundarban Conservation & Poverty Reduction through Community based Eco-tourism!
  • The Sundarban Conservation & Poverty Reduction through Community based Eco-tourism is an embedded research programme of us, where alternative livelihoods of Sundarban resource dependent people are being sought out and promoted as a part of Sundarban conservation. We honestly believe on the incorporation of local people in tourism tread and supplement activities from their part to serve the Sundarban conservation and livelihood caring support as well.

    Objectives & Mission

  • Transforming Sundarban adjacent villages as eco-villages as the hub of eco-tourism.
  • Upholding local folk culture as the pathway of alternative livelihood option through eco-tourism.
  • Capacity building of local women & their empowerment.
  • Exploring Sundarban related handicrafts worldwide through eco-tourism and the tourists.
  • Train local youths as professional as eco-tour guide and engage them as guides.
  • Creating awareness among local community and government on the importance of bio-conservation.
  • Strengthening local network on the issue of Sundarban conservation.
  • Facilitating general tour operators on the importance of Sundarban conservation.